One World Week

Corinne Salone is the Special Events Coordinator for the Campus Activities Board,and the Vice President for Student Senate. When I met with her, she was in the middle of planning a meeting. ” I just emailed one of my committee members because I have a lot of stuff to do and I don’t know how I’m going to do it. Or, it will be a to do list for starting tomorrow.” The list is for One World Week.

Monday 21 “Who Am I? Who Are You?” H.1002 1pm-2:30pm

Tuesday 22 “Our Choices, Our Consequences” H.1002 2pm-4pm

Tuesday 22 “What is Your Opinion?” H.1002 4pm-5pm

Wednesday 23 “World Mural Project” T-Skyway 9am-2pm

Wednesday 23 “World Games” H. 1002 2pm-4pm

Thursday 24 “Festival of Nations” H.1002 10am-4pm

The Festival of Nations is part of One World Week, which will be a week of events bringing cultures together. The week has a cohesive theme from day to day.

The idea for the Festival of Nations is not Corinne’s. Shannon Williams, Student Life Coordinator, asked her if she would do it, As a Special Events Coordinator for Campus Activities Board (CAB), Corinne’s skills are personable. Last semester, she created themes for reflecting people, common goals, cultural competence, and for fun. One World Week is a week of events with the Festival of Nations being its capstone.

Passports will be available for people so make sure you get your passport stamped as you visit each country represented.

A preview of the event includes an environmental talk from 3 Legged Frog. A world mural will be created in the T-building skyway as a banner where students can write about where they came from on the banner. The banner for the One World showcase.

Some of the activities include workshops breaking down stereotypes, breaking out post-it notes. The post-it notes are for airing private thoughts on famous people. Posting the thoughts on their picture and then the picture and the picture will be flipped. The flip side is a biography of the famous person. Those who participate will discuss contrasts between their thoughts and the biographies.

Learning the limitations of Stereotyping Behaviors Workshop is about learning skills on appropriate behaviors when interacting with different cultures. Appropriate means generic things to ask in a conversation, instead of stereotypes. There will be 12 countries or more, countless countries, over 4 days. Phew. What an event!

She has not decided if she would like to make a ticket for food sampling either way. It will be an eventful day full of experiences. Tiffin Man Global Market is giving us a tour of the world through food.

Although the event has been approved, “Staff would be awesome! I can’t keep catering, tell performers to go on during the showcase, facilitate people panel…” she quips. Trio is coming! MCTC chamber ensemble is performing. Ethiopian dance is making an appearance. United Native Tribes for Education will perform a dance pow-wow style.

Corinne is not worried, she stated that “People usually submit applications right before the deadline.” She is talking about international groups representing themselves.

No wonder why Corinne’s eyes
hurt. She said, “I’ve invited Student Language Faculty, whose offering
extra credit.” They are tabling language demos, so that the table
dedicated to Spanish can have a breakdown of Mexican Spanish, Puerto
Rican Spanish, and Castillano a style of style of Spanish in the country of Spain. People don’t dance the same way to Latin
music and between here and now Corinne has a Cumbia beat.”