New College President

Some MCTC students may not know that we have a college president. They may wonder, “Why would we need a college president?” “Is she important?” “Can’t we have anyone run the school?” It’s not uncommon for students to just show up to the classes, then go home or stay after school to finish some homework, without thinking about the many student clubs, or who makes sure things on campus run smoothly. However, the position of college president is important and significant to the school. President Sharon Pierce and her leadership play a large role in steering the direction of this college, so it is only fair that students get to know her.

Pierce found out about the position from, “a search firm that had information about the position. Gave a lot of information on the college.” Before she became the school’s president she was a “chief academic officer at Howard Community College in Columbia, Maryland.”

When asked about the hardships that she had to face becoming the college’s president, Pierce explained that it was “not bad, but maybe obstacles being an African American, people who weren’t supportive weren’t capable. Who I was, or What I can do. They made assumptions, also I had great role models. Excellent colleges, supportive friends. Every negative person, there was always a positive side. I think about the negatives, but I don’t let them keep me from achieving anything, and you shouldn’t as well.” She said that her mother was her inspiration, and that because of her, “Giving up was never on my mind.”

She explained that she wanted to become the school’s president because, “MCTC had a lot of characteristics and I was basically attracted to the school especially the “Mission, Vision, Values” of the college. I was interested in urban education leadership. Minority majority institution. It was a both technical and community, you can get both.”

Pierce gushed about her administrative team, which “includes my executive administrator, several directors, deans, and vice presidents,” calling them wonderful. “I appreciate the hard work of the housekeepers, and the faculties and how public safety is important! I also like the new Safety unit bike – where they ride their bikes to cover more ground, so more people will stay safe.”

Regarding her hobbies outside of work, she said,“I love to read, I just finished a book. And I love hiking, zip lining, scuba diving.”

Jesse Malec, a graphic design, web and interactive media major, was aware that we had a college president, but knew little else about her. He explained that he, “only knew little general information such as the gender. I even thought she was an interim president, since I know that the last president retired last year.” He has never spoken to Pierce, although he believes we do need a college president because “We need somebody to run the community and to make sure everything runs smoothly.”

It’s not just the students who are still getting to know Pierce. An MCTC faculty member, who asked to remain anonymous, said, “I knew she got hired, and heard a speech from the open remark, but I don’t really know her. I just know that she was social justice minded, excited for school, and far thinker.”

Although she has not spoken to the college president, she could tell that the President had a good energy and on top of that she was confident. She is glad that we have a college president, therefore there would be “less administration, I believe it would be annoying for people.”

Pierce will be meeting students in a number of open forum events Wednesday, Oct. 12, from 10-11 a.m., 1-2 p.m., and 4:30-5:30 p.m. in H.1002. All students are welcome to come and participate.