How to: MCTC Bike Collective on winter biking


Jessiena Lake

Minneapolis, MN - 10/19/2016 - “Dylan Sonnenberg, Airframe Powerplant Technician Student, wearing protective eyewear, to protect from windburn and road debris, like: salt, ice, water, bugs and dirt.” (Jessiena Lake/MCTC) Photo credit: Jessiena Lake

How-To Winter Biking

1. To provide better traction, deflate tires 10-15lbs PSI.

2. To avoid rust and corrosion caused by salt and moisture, keep brakes, derailleurs and gear cogs lightly greased with a bicycle specific oil. Winter biking leads to more debris build up in gearing system, clean regularly to remove dirt and salt.

3. To regulate your body temperature during winter rides, wear light layers. Base layers should be worn close to the skin and wick moisture away from your skin to avoid hypothermia. Top layers should be loose, to avoid constricting circulation and wind resistant. Wear reflective vibrant colors for safety. Adding reflectors to your backpack, also increases visibility.

4. Wear eyewear, like sunglasses or safety goggles, to protect your eyes from windburn, bugs and debris, like broken glass, ice, water, snow and dirt.

5. For safe winter riding, take corners wider to avoid wiping out. Stay seated while riding, rather than standing, to keep a lower center of gravity.

“The Bike Collective is a student club which offers free educational bike mechanics workshops twice per week on campus. We serve as a voice for bicycle commuters on campus and seek to connect MCTC with the larger bicycle community of Minneapolis.”

The MCTC Bike Collective currently engages students in many ways. It provides free Open Shop hours, for students to learn the basics of bike mantenence and how to complete their own bicycle repairs, through resources such as: professional repair manuals and student mechanics (many are professionals in local shops) to aid in the learning process. The Bike Collective also repairs abandoned and donated bikes in a new program they are devloping, with the assistance of MCTC Public Safety, to pair students in need with bikes to aid in the commute to campus. The Bike Collective also organizes off campus group rides around the city. Last year, they even rode 30 miles to the area’s largest wholesale bike parts dealer to pick up parts donations. During their 9:30 a.m. Friday meetings, the group works on planning and outreach, including the ZAP Program, a free bike commuter incentive program for students, that uses rider data to better serve the campus community. Students participating in ZAP program can earn local bike shop deals and discounts at the campus Dunn Brothers and Tiffin Mann Cafeteria. For more information about any and all of these programs, attend a meeting or visit their Open Shop.

Free Open Shop:
Thursdays 11 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
Outside in the MCTC Plaza near Kopp Hall.
Or, in case of bad weather, in the first floor common area of the K Building on the MCTC campus.

Bike Collective Meeting:

9:30 a.m. Fridays


Bike planning and advocacy meetings, with the aim of creating bike communities on campus.