A page called WANDA

Here is a collection of short stories from a fifteen minute writing exercise during a WANDA meeting. Wanda meets at 2pm every other Wednesday at the tables next to the student life desk. All are welcome. Email [email protected] for more information.

The light coming through the streaked and dirty window is stale and empty. Muffled shouts and echoing footfalls bounce off the bricks of the building across the alley. Fear should be gripping me but exhaustion has taken its place. My body aches, my throat is dry. I’d give anything to have you with me now but it’s best you don’t see me this way. I wish I could say I don’t recognize myself, that I never thought I could do what I’ve done. But we both know that would be a lie. That’s why you left. I can’t blame you.

by Dallas Rising

Outside the window…is not all you’re able to see.
The eyes are miraculous devices still able to deceive for the sake of ease. We attempt to define objects by their appearance (people too, isn’t it so?), but outside the home lies only more lies than the inside. So shut yourself off and see what good it does, close the window and pull down the shades, deny yourself the ugly truth, the beautiful lies, the way things seem today but never stay anyway. Luckily the mind is able to lend perception to vision, and reason to the rhymes of life’s verses

by Roman Tymechko