This is not the end; this is the beginning

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It shouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that Donald Trump has been inaugurated as our 45th President, and that this is a major ebb.

But it’s not the end; it’s the beginning.

The beginning of our era to be rightfully pissed off. To make better art, to love deeper and wider, and to finally stand up for our neighbors and friends. To PROTECT our neighbors and friends. It’s the beginning of us being better.

It’s the beginning of a revolution that will happen through zines, through rap and spoken word, through new friendships, through positive locker room talk and through good journalism. It’s the beginning of a revolution that will happen through talks over coffee and chants through pickets. It’s the beginning of a revolution that you and I are responsible for making happen.

To those of you who are privileged in race, sexual orientation, health, social class, legal status; this is a call to action: move past tolerance and toward understanding. Take a stand in spaces that aren’t wheelchair accessible, in spaces unfriendly to those who cover their heads, in front of your white friends, in front of your grandparents, in front of your bros. This has always been your job and it’s time to take it seriously.

As for CCN, we’ll be diligent in our reporting – always the truth, always holding him accountable, never afraid. Trump has made vilifying the media a cornerstone of his campaign. If he makes a decision that is unflattering, we will report on it. If Trump violates one person’s human rights, we will report on it.

City College News is by and for the students of MCTC, including LGBTQA+, Muslim, immigrant, undocumented, black, brown, refugee, Jewish, woman, Latinx and disabled students. We are stronger because these groups are represented in our population, and that will never change, no matter who’s in the Oval Office.