Student Life hosts Sexual Health Awareness Day

Student life has many events and workshops for the everyday student. Often times their focus is on leadership, stress, anxiety and student involvement and engagement. This week for the first time, Student Life did something a little different by taking the time to speak to the student body about sexual health.

The all day event known as Sexual Health Awareness Day was on Tuesday Feb. 7, with multiple workshops and speakers scattered around the campus. The event invited the student body to learn about a number of topics on everything from health and contraception, to eco-friendly menstruation. Covering a variety of sexual topics, the event was brought on to bring awareness to the important message of living a safe and healthy sexual life.

Dallas Rising, a student involved in both Student Senate and Phi Theta Kappa hosted a seminar on Eco Friendly Menstruation. She explained the importance of questioning what is going near our bodies, showing a multitude of alternatives that make less waste. There are many options for people who menstruate. Some are simple, like the biodegradable pad, but menstrual cups like the Diva Cup and period underwear are picking up more of a cult following. Rising hopes that the taboo which goes along with periods can be lifted by educating others on the eco-friendly alternatives.

A later seminar that day was called “Be a Survivor, Not a Victim” by a student speaker Jacque Roosevelt, beginning with a personal sexual assault story, later moving to an open discussion on personal growth and how to rise above your abuser. Roosevelt bravely explained her past with sexual abuse, and how her personal respect and courage brought her to where she is today. Roosevelt’s main goal with the seminar was to teach students that sexual abuse doesn’t define who you are as a person.

In addition to the seminars and workshops all attendees were given free lunch in the form of sandwiches from Tiffin Man, and a drawing entry for every seminar attended putting guests in a raffle with a chance to win gift cards to the MCTC Bookstore, Bearcat restaurant and Smitten Kitten.