Small group damages property during inauguration protest march

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Small group damages property during inauguration protest march

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Protesters, upset over President Donald Trump’s policies, descended upon the Hennepin County Government Center on Jan. 20 at around 6 p.m.

The protest involved more than 45 different organizations in the Twin Cities, the largest being Resist From Day One MN which, according to its Facebook page, is an “Ad-hoc coalition in Minnesota”.

The protest was largely peaceful and marched throughout Minneapolis with the help of the Minneapolis Police Department, who blocked traffic and escorted the march on their way to the Government Center.

A small masked group broke away from the main protest and blocked a train at the Government Plaza light-rail station, setting off fireworks and smoke devices while police looked on.

The group eventually moved and traveled along the light-rail tracks without a police escort to the Hennepin County Juvenile Court Building, which houses a Juvenile Detention Center, at which point the group began to set off fireworks and throw firecrackers into the open air jail yard next to S 5th St.

Mike Sable, Director of Facilities Services at the Detention Center, said they had been monitoring the situation from their Security Operation Center via video camera and there were no reports of, “…anybody hurt or any damage.”

Once police arrived at the Detention Center, the group lit off a few more firecrackers and headed down Park Ave, now with a police escort, turning down S 4th St while chanting lines like, “No More Presidents.”

The group damaged two Wells Fargo signs located in front of the Wells Fargo 600 Tower eventually stopping when an unidentified man got in-between the group and a sign. The group also moved barriers into traffic and on the light-rail line, including traffic barrels and a dumpster.

According to Officer Curt Schmidt, MPD Public Information Officer, he was not aware of anyone being injured and no one was arrested during the event because lighting off firecrackers is a, “…petty misdemeanor in Minnesota.” and therefore not an arrestable offense.

The group eventually made it’s way back to the main protest at the Hennepin County Government Center and proceeded to ditch their masks, signs and flags and either blended into the crowd or left the protest.

This was in stark contrast to the main protest which has seen no reports of vandalism, with the exception of an effigy of Trump that was burned, and has been vocal about having a peaceful protest.

The pre-planned march through Minneapolis came hours after President Trump was sworn in as the United States 45th President.

According to the chants during the March, the protesters are upset over Trump’s rhetoric saying he is an Islamaphobe, racist and sexist.

According to the Facebook page of Resist From Day One MN, they have vowed to continue to, “…resist the Trump administration’s agenda…”

The protest concluded around 7:30 p.m. this evening. According to the Minneapolis Police Departments twitter page around 2,000 participants attended the protest.