Punk with Tact


Jessiena Lake

Daniel Peterson, Theo Pupillo, and Sam Schild have been a band since November. Photo by Cole Benson

Mock duck, Des Moine teenagers, and accountability culture all came up during my discussion with Tact at one of their usual Wednesday practices.

They’re a punk band made up of Sam Schild on drums, Theo Pupillo on bass and Daniel Peterson on vocals and guitar. Peterson and Pupillo are MCTC students, studying for an AA in liberal arts and transfer degree, respectively. Schild is a student at Hamline, and is a digital media arts major.

This interview has been abridged for space and clarity.

How did you all meet?

SS (Sam Schild): My brother and I got this practice space in August, and then we posted on D.I.T (an alternative Minneapolis Facebook group meaning “do-it-together”) looking for a bass player, and that’s how I met Theo. We started a group aside from my brother and I’s project.

Danny, how did you get involved?

DP (Daniel Peterson): Theo and I actually met, probably, a year before that.

TP (Theo Pupillo): We had a band that kind of turned into this one.

DP: Yeah we had a band with a mutual friend at the time, and kind of kept some songs from that, and tried them out with Sam here, and we were all liking it and having fun. So we wrote new stuff.

Do you have any music recorded?

DP: Only one song has been released, but we’ve been recording.

With who?

TP: Hayley Briasco, the drummer from Tony Peachka (tonypeachka.bandcamp.com). And she’s really good. She’s doing a great job.

DP: She’s really good.

How are you releasing those songs?

TP: I think we’re gonna do a record. Like an actual 12″. We’re using our tax returns to do it.

DP: Yeah, it’s very ambitious because it’s like, we haven’t even put out an EP or anything. Like we only have one song released, so it might not happen. But it’s kind of like all of us thinking like, “what the hell, we’ve got this batch of songs.” If we have the money to just, like, spend it on our hobby, let’s make an LP.

Tact has a cozy practice space that shares a building with a wedding venue. Photo by Cole Benson

Who are some of your favorite local bands?

DP: I think my favorite local band right now, that’s kind of a big thing to say, but I really, really like Lunch Duchess a lot. (lunchduchessmusic.bandcamp.com)

TP: Uranium Club and Royal Brat for sure. (staticshockrecords.bandcamp.com) (royalbratmpls.bandcamp.com)

DP: If we could have a set with as much energy as Royal Brat that would be, like, the ultimate goal.

SS: My favorite local band is probably Animal Lover. (animallover.bandcamp.com)

DP: It’s really hard to say. There are dozens and dozens of really good, unique, cool bands.

What’s your perfect band date?

SS: We watch the office.

TP: Eat vegan food and watch the office.

DP: Going to shows together, we like that.

Have you had any memorable show experiences?

TP: We had a really solid set at the Kitty Cat Klub. Where we were like, “wow we didn’t mess anything up!” But I guess I could share some really awkward and bad ones. Like our first show, I booked this thing out of town, and, I don’t know if I should even talk about this, but I booked this thing in Des Moine that my friend set up and it turned out to be like a high school sleepover. Like I expected it to be this punk dungeon thing but it was just this high school sleepover and we slept there.

DP: We thought it was going to be some punk house, but it was like, a parents house.

TP: It was in the suburbs of Des Moine. Really uncomfortable. We also spun out like three times on the way there. It was really dangerous. The drive back we probably saw, like, fifty cars in the ditch. It was nuts.

Got any good inside jokes?

SS: On that fateful Des Moine night, the dad saw Theo drinking a beer and said “you better belly up that beer.”

TP: No, he said (in a deep accented voice) “you better belly up that beer, boy!”

DP: Now whenever we’re drinking we’re like “you better belly up that beer!”

SS: Oh! This isn’t something I ever do in the live setting, but sometimes I count us off by (laughing) spelling our band name.

DP: Sam likes that, yeah.

SS: It’s really stupid. T-A-C-T!

What makes the Twin Cities music scene unique?

DP: I think that it’s big enough to have a lot of really cool music and a lot of really good genres, but it’s small enough where if someone is an asshole and does some really bad things, they can get called out and not given space in the community. I think that’s really cool. I think there’s a lot of accountability for a lot of people at least.

TP: I would agree. I think there’s a really big emphasis on accountability, which doesn’t always translate, but people make an effort, I feel like, for the most part. I don’t know if that really happens in other places. That’s a thing I like about it a lot.

You can catch Tact April 22 with Terry Malts, Business of Dreams, Real Numbers and Baseball Cards at “Coming Soon”. (Ask a punk)