Hapkido club grapples the audience during open house


Jessiena Lake

Jezel Henry shows off different Hapkido poses while John Murphy tells a story. Photo by J.D. Duggan

The Hapkido Club opened their arms in hopes of attracting newcomers during a May 3 open house in the H building’s multipurpose room.

The Hapkido club exhibits the hapkido and Kuk sool won forms of martial arts, incorporating Daoist philosophies to create an outlet for the pursuit of inner-peace, community-building and self-defense. The excitement of the club to share what they’ve learned as a part of their experience was palpable.

During the open house John Murphy, former student and former president of the club, narrated and tied together stories from the current members of club and helped with demonstrating some of the basic martial arts moves.

Kevin “Lucky” Henderson said that this was his outlet. He shared a story about getting stabbed. “When he hit me, my adrenaline was kicking…. if it weren’t for my martial arts training, I wouldn’t be here.”

The club president, Jezel Henry, winner of a spring semester leadership award, shared his hopes of living up to the expectations of his family and finding happiness and discipline within the club.

Where most martial arts gyms cost upward of $100 a month, the Hapkido club offers all of their teachings for free in an inclusive, supportive atmosphere. The word “family” was mentioned repeatedly throughout the open house.

Currently, the hapkido club meets Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 3 to 5 p.m. in Loring Park if the weather permits, otherwise they can be found in the racquetball room. They can also be found on Facebook by searching MCTC kuk sool club.