Students view artist pieces at the Associate of Fine Arts Exhibit


Jessiena Lake

Lamie Konjan- A Software engineering major, says “An arts university came to talk to me when I was in high school but I chose MCTC instead, but I do love art.” Photo by Josy Prosser

The words featured in Austin Ruport’s art are: Homo, queer, pansy and faget. Austin stated “I have been called these names.” Photo by Josy Prosser
Sara Sharp, a graduate of MCTC and a current Metro State Human Service and Social Work major, working with the African American Education and Empowerment program, says “I can relate to some of the fine art displays.” Photo by Josy Prosser
Austin Ruport- Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) major says, “Coming from a small town I did not feel as accepted by people with my homosexuality as I have felt here in Minneapolis.” Ruport continues, “My display of art tells a story that different body shapes and sizes or sexual preference does not matter. With flowers as the faces on each nude male body expresses a message within my artwork that years ago male homosexuals were called names, like flower people.” Photo by Josy Prosser