News Briefs – 10/26/2017


Photo credit: Benjamin Pecka

Turns out men in power like to sexually assault people. Who knew? Everyone.

The New York Times broke a story about Harvey Weinstein and his sexual harassment/assault of women for decades, a story that NBC decided not to cover.

The revelations spurred a social media movement called #metoo in which women and some men recounted episodes of times they were harassed or assaulted by men in power.

Accusations against James Toback and John Besh, who are executives in the movie and restaurant industries respectively, have surfaced — apparently inspired by the showing of support and acknowledgments of the Weinstein scandal.

Student Senate Updates

Three new executive board members were elected this month.

Jazer Mauricio beat out student interim Vice President for the VP position on Oct. 4.

The other two students that were elected were Abraham Rizvi and Myranda Huerta. Rizvi and Huerta both ran uncontested elections and were elected by the student senate general assembly on Oct 5. Rizvi to the Student Director of Health and Sustainability position and Huerta to the Student Director of Communications and Public Relations position.

Some of the issues brought up during the general assembly were smoking on campus and whether to put up more signs to make smoking areas more visible, more recycling bins on campus, more computers in the Ackerberg Science building and addressing a tutor shortage on campus.