Green Dot holds event to promote safety at MCTC


Photo credit: Benjamin Pecka

Green Dot held an event at MCTC that focused on creating positive change in the world on Oct. 5.

The event featured guest speaker Elaine Eschenbacher, director of Sabo Center at Augsburg College, whose presentation “Power and the World as it is” highlighted the tension between how the world is and the way the world as it should be.

Green Dot, which has existed at MCTC for about four years, is a group “dedicated to creating environments that promote safety and health equity for all living things,” according to the flier released by the group to promote the event.

“Green Dot isn’t just about safety and non-violence, but it’s about making real change in our communities and I think that in order to do that people need to understand power and how they can get and use power and then understand how to look at the world clearly and see it as it really is and also imagine a better future,” Eschenbacher said, who has be an advocate in this community for over 20 years.

“Even though we want to see change, change in the world is difficult. Change creates conflict,” Eschenbacher said during her presentation.

Curt Schmidt, director of Public Safety at MCTC, is one of the principal figures of Green Dot at MCTC. Schmidt said the event was not in response to any single event but was called in order to raise awareness about empowering students to act when they see a “red dot” (violent act).

According to Schmidt, Green Dot encourages getting involved when a violent act is being committed. “Do one of the three D’s: distract, direct, delegate,” Schmidt said.