Student senate briefs for November 16, 2017


Another Executive Board Resignation

Ivonne Hernandez is resigning for her position of student Director of Diversity, citing “personal family issues.” In response, the student executive board is holding interviews for both Director of Diversity and Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs, a position vacated by Robel Tedros earlier this year.

DACA Forum

The student Executive Board is setting up a forum on Nov. 11 at MCTC that focuses on DACA issues

Student Director of Health and Sustainability Abraham Rizvi and student Vice President Jazer Maurico Chacon are the driving force behind the lofty goal of the forum which intends to invite Gov. Mark Dayton, Rep. Ilhan Omar and Tony Suarez among others.

Suarez is the Executive Vice President of National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and serves on President Trump’s Faith Advisory Board. Saurez, among other faith leaders on the White House advisory board has pushed for Trump to rethink his stance on immigration, specifically regarding DACA.

Suarez endorsed Trump for president.

The SLBC tabled the request, at first, due to the short notice that was given for the event.

A week later the SLBC unanimously voted to approve the forum at a cost totaling $3,215.33. Of which, $610.33 is earmarked for Suarez’s travel expenses and $1,500 for security.