New members appointed to executive board


Photo by Jessiena Lake

As of Thursday, Nov. 30 student senate executive board announced that Steven Diehl will be the new student senate director of policy & legislative affairs. There will also be a new director of diversity, but student senate hasn’t officially made a decision on who it will be.

The former student senate director of diversity and former student senate director of legislative affairs resigned.

According to student senate President Charles Karter, executive board members had a meeting to interview the new candidates. Karter said three people showed up to this meeting, one of which was Diehl.

Karter briefly explained through email how the student senate elections functioned for this election.

“I initiated the one we just went through (the most recent election) so we could have some democracy and representation for this board,” Karter said. “Otherwise it’s just the cabinet appointing people, which we did for the positions that got dropped during, and just after the election.”

According to student senate bylaws for elections, “all executive board members must be elected in the spring semester before the MSCSA spring general assembly.”

Some other bylaws include, “Nominations will be open at a Senate meeting at least 21 days before the election and shall last for two weeks.”

Candidates can be nominated during senate meetings or they can self-nominate, and “information about nominations have to be posted on all Student Life bulletin boards before nominations are open.”

The candidate for student senate director of diversity did not respond to CCN’s request for an interview.

In a interview with the new student senate director of policy & legislative affairs, Diehl, a philosophy major in the Associate of Arts program, discussed his plans for the position.

Some of Diehl’s priorities include “working with other student senate board members on what visions they have,” getting more composting available on campus, as well as building better relationships with student senate and different parts of the school.

According to student senate bylaws, people in this position are responsible for “organizing elections for executive board positions,” as well as “coordinating Student Advocacy days at the State Legislature,” among other things.

“Any student can vote in the election coming up,” Diehl said. “We are pushing for better forms of communication, and getting it out there to the student body — that when it’s happening [student senate elections], and how you vote.”

Diehl explained that he is the most qualified for this position.

“I think the mindset that I don’t have all the answers to what the students at MCTC want but i’m willing to listen to the students,” Diehl said. “I want to be a vessel for them to get their needs met in this institution.”