MCTC’s got ink


Photo credit: Emily Lazear

Tattoos vary across culture and time, and so do their meanings and purpose. Tattooing in today’s world is almost always about self-expression, whether it’s an elaborate sleeve design or a tiny tattoo of a pizza slice. Here are the different ways students at MCTC choose to express themselves with ink.

Alondra Aleman - "I got it with my friend who's obsessed with Grey's Anatomy. When the main characters go through something, they say it." Photo credit: Emily Lazear
Violet Stavinsky - "My mom's friend was in town, and she's a tattooer. She was only in town for a couple of days, and was like 'hey want a tattoo?'" so I got this tattoo on a porch!" Photo credit: Emily Lazear
Felicia Philibert - "It doesn't mean anything, I just liked the art. I always tell people they can catch these hands." Photo credit: Emily Lazear
Elia Krumm - "This one was a stick-n-poke I did with my partner, and it did not turn out well. We ended up going to a shop to get it fixed. The other rose one was when my friends and I were getting really into skater culture and thought it would be cool to get rose tattoos. Only two of us have it so far." Photo credit: Emily Lazear
Zach Lunde - "It's very simple - X-files and Twin Peaks." Photo credit: Emily Lazear