Anonymous student, executive board voice frustration with VP


This is one of the notes left on the Vice President's desk while he was away. The other said, "Where are my pads!!!!!". Photo credit: Joe Edmonds

Sometime before the morning of Thursday, Jan. 18, notes were posted on the chair of student senate Vice President Jazer Mauricio Chacon voicing frustration over his failure to stock bathrooms with tampons and pads.

The signs read “Where are my pads!!!!!” and “#HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE” in reference to Chacon’s campaign platform promise of providing these materials.

Student senate, a democratically elected body, has decided to leave the signs up “to remain transparent to students”, said Myranda Huerta, director of Communications and Public Relations.

Chacon is currently in Texas and will be returning on Jan. 30. Chacon was in Texas for a conference at the time these notes were posted and was unavailable for comment.

Chacon has been active otherwise at MCTC by helping to organize the Dreamer Forum during Nov. , 2017, which was a panel to discuss Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. MCTC President Dr. Sharron Pierce attended the panel, as well as the Executive Director of the Minnesota Council of Latino Affairs Henry Jimenez.