Psych Prof Flips the Script On Studying In New Book

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Troy Dvorak, a newly tenured psychology professor at MCTC, has completed his second book titled “Studying vs. Learning: The Psychology of Student Success”.

Dvorak was born in Minneapolis but grew up in Canada. He moved back to Minnesota in 2003, and shortly after started his professorship at MCTC. He has a masters degree in psychology and spent time as a psychometrist.

“For seven-and-a-half years, I did psychological assessment and treatment with kids, teens and families,” he said. “[But] the psychology of student success became a real passion after I had been teaching for a few years.”

His new book is a revision to his first book “Psychological Keys to Student Success”, with an added section on psychological and learning tools.

Dvorak saw the learning needs his MCTC students had, and “started looking into it.” He wanted to figure out what habits and tools he could give his students rather than study tips.

Dvorak disproves the myth that the most successful student studies the hardest in his new book, which cites more than 600 scientific studies on students. This is an unusual amount of evidence to back up a claim because the author wanted his book to stand out from other “study books.”

Dvorak, a self-proclaimed metalhead, has a lively social media life under the name RockinPsychProf on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

“I genuinely believe that a day spent helping others is a day well spent,” Dvorak said.

“It is a pleasure teaching students as they complete their education and supporting them as they pursue their goals,” Dvorak’s website,, says.

To order the book, visit and click the link for “Troy’s Books.”