How to: make friendship bracelets

When you’re feeling blue, sometimes all you need is a friend. Grab a pal, some beers, and relax by making these bracelets.

Step One: Choose five contrasting colors of embroidery floss, and cut a 30" section from each. Photo credit: Emily Lazear
Step two: Fold in half, tie a knot near the top of the loop, and tape to the table. There will be two strands of each color, pair them together. Photo credit: Emily Lazear
Step three: Weave the right-most color through the other colors: over, under, over, under. Photo credit: Aidan O'Connor
Step four: Continue to weave, always from the right-most color. Stop when you get to the length of the bracelet you'd like. Photo credit: Aidan O'Connor
Step five: Tie a knot at the end of your bracelet, and have a friend tie the end of your bracelet the loop at the top. Photo credit: Aidan O'Connor
Step six: Flaunt your bracelets with your BFF! Photo credit: Aidan O'Connor