Minnesota never been nice “nice” to African Americans


“Minnesota nice” in Minnesota is a phrase often heard in and about Minnesota, said so often as to be a mantra. But, how nice are Minnesotans really? It might be more appropriate to ask to whom are they nice?

Minnesotans boast of the good life here. They brag of the cultural sophistication, pointing to places, the Guthrie Theatre, the Minnesota Institute of Arts and the Walker Art Center. They proudly tick off the list of higher education institutions such as Carlton College, Macalester College and the University of Minnesota. They gloat about the three nationally accredited law schools—University of Minnesota Law School, Hamline and William Mitchell College of Law. They tell you how hard it is to gain admittance into their medical school and on and on about the opportunities for higher education in just about any given field of endeavor.

We must not forget to mention their abundant green areas, consisting of thousands of parks, recreation areas, and countless pristine lakes where you can go fishing, boating and participate in water activities year-round ranging from ice fishing to water skiing.

Undeniably, Minnesotans feel tremendous pride for their nationally acclaimed standard of living. Additionally, some organizations have held Minnesota up as a model of social programs for the poor.

Decades ago there was a fictional radio and television series called Dragnet (now broadcast on Sirius/XM Radio) that featured a fictional homicide detective, who when interviewing any witness would routinely say “just the facts, ma’am/sir.” So, Minnesota here go “just the facts.”

Minnesota has one the highest educational achievement gaps in the country, ranking second from the bottom, only its sister-state Wisconsin is worse for African Americans. In Minnesota, African American families earn less than half the household income of Minnesota white families.

Homeownership of Minnesota African Americans ranks below almost all other U.S states, including crimson red states of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and West Virginia. Those particular states are not known for positive attitudes toward African Americans.

In Minnesota, often where white and African American mortgage applicants are similarly situated financially, the Minnesota banks find a way to provide higher interest subprime mortgages to African Americans while providing lower interest prime rate conventional mortgages to their white counterparts.

The Star Tribune reported that a 2012 Compass report 26 percent of African American Minnesotans owned homes versus 77 percent of white Minnesotans and was the highest point gap in the entire country.

The incarceration rate of African Americans is among the highest in the nation. The following statistics were reported in 24/7 Wall Street in Aug. 2016:
Pct. residents black: 5.6 percent (22nd lowest)
Black homeownership rate: 23.8 percent (8th lowest)
Black incarceration rate: 2,321 per 100,000 (22nd lowest)
Black unemployment rate: 14.1 percent (2nd highest)

Only one state is statistically worse for African Americans and that would be Minnesota’s sister state of Wisconsin.

Once upon a fairy tale, Minneapolis was acclaimed to be one of the most socially progressive cities in the U.S. in providing for its poor. There was a time that Minneapolis did indeed provide good social programs such as housing for its less fortunate. This was due to the affordable housing policies Minneapolis enacted in the early seventies that required all neighborhoods to accept the construction of affordable housing for the poor. Virtually all-residential areas in Minneapolis responded positively to this mandate. That was then, this is now. Back in the day, the poor of Minnesota were white people like most everyone else.

Today is different. Now, many of the poor are African American. Minneapolis’s African American population dramatically increased. Minnesotans are not compassionate or reasonable when it comes to the treatment of people who do not look like them. They did act on prejudices and stereotypes. Many subconsciously deem African Americans to be lazy and lack industriousness. They disregard the fact that this country was built on the backs of African American free labor–slavery where so-called lazy niggers worked from sun up til sundown.

Accordingly, the institutional and structural ghettoization and discrimination of African Americans ramped up on multiple levels. So, how nice are Minnesotans, really? MINNESOTA NOT!