CCN’s endorsements

Dylan Swisher

I often hear people profess their conviction that voting is not worth it. Many people in this country feel powerless and pessimistic about their ability to have any impact on their government. In their view, voting would give their stamp of approval to a corrupt system. Some of those that are currently in power would encourage this type of thinking. In fact, many people are working very hard to put as many roadblocks between us and the voting booth as they can get away with. If you stay home, you will be doing their work for them. A true act of defiance is to go to the polls no matter what obstacles are in your way. The only way we can get the politicians to work for us is to get them to fear us. As a voting bloc, the young do not intimidate anyone. When politicians are considering how to conduct themselves in office, they consider those that might put an end to their political careers. The only thing we need to do to present that level of threat to our politicians is to show up and vote. If we turn up, we can have a tangible effect on how they run our state.

Minneapolis College has one of the most diverse student bodies of any school in the state. This school educates a large number of eligible voters that any candidate should feel lucky to find an audience in. Minneapolis College invited all the candidates running for Attorney General to a forum designed to give them a chance to argue their case to the students here. Despite several requests sent to each candidate neither of the candidates from the two major parties responded. It would appear that neither of them thought it would be worth their time. The only candidate to reply was Noah Johnson of the Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis Party. We can show the two major party candidates their mistake at the polls.

The upcoming election is one of the most important elections we’ve had in this state for a long time. We get to select our next Governor, both of our senate seats are up for grabs, and we have many competitive races for the U.S. House of Representatives, as well as many smaller local elections. The results of these elections will have a significant impact on how our state and potentially our nation go forward. This election is important, and we can impact the results.

City College News’s Endorsements are as follows:

Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan for Governor and Lt. Governor

Tina Smith for US Senate in the Special Election

Amy Klobuchar for US Senate in the General Election

Ilhan Omar for the US House of Representatives

Keith Ellison for MN Attorney General

Julie Blaha for State Auditor

Steve Simon for Secretary of State

Marion Greene for County Commissioner

Dave Hutch for County Sheriff

Mark Haase for County Attorney

Yes on City Question 1