Student Senate Establishes Committee to Develop Branding Mascot

Christopher David

The desire of a student veterans group to have a character to use for branding on customized apparel inspired the Student Senate to form a committee to explore possible mascot names. The committee will meet a few times over the winter (hopefully a first meeting date will be available before the issue goes to press!) to look over suggestions and submit a recommendation to the full Student Senate. Any official characters or mascots would need the approval of college administration as well.

Director of Marketing and Communications Geoff Jones was on hand to speak about the college marketing plan at the Student Senate meeting where the mascot suggestion was made and offered supportive comments about the exploration of the concept. While Minneapolis College no longer has intercollegiate athletics programming—which led to the abandonment of the previous mascot names—Jones noted that other community colleges without competitive sports teams have adopted mascots to use for marketing purposes as well as to increase school spirit.

The Student Senate briefly discussed how various student groups might employ a mascot. One possibility is producing artwork portraying the mascot engaging in the activities each group specializes in, much like how the University of Minnesota produces imagery of Goldy Gopher playing football, basketball and baseball, as well as celebrating scholarly or seasonal activities.

In the years when there was athletic programming, Minneapolis College employed two mascot names, first the Marauders, and later the Mavericks. Moving forward, those names are possibilities, but because Minnesota State University Mankato, a sister institution of Minneapolis College, has employed the Mavericks name for decades, reuse of that name may be discouraged.