Military veterans can access resources at Minneapolis College


Henry Kaynes

Henry Kaynes, Volunteer Tutor, Veterans Welcome Center

Veterans entering Minneapolis College, you probably carry the same kind of concerns and anxieties as their non-military counterparts. It is a new chapter. To some it may feel like being at the bottom of a mountain looking up.

Minneapolis College offers resources specifically tailored to ease the transition from military life to academic life. A unique resource for veterans is the presence of a Veterans Welcome Center on campus. The Welcome Center serves much as a “day room” does for a military unit. It is a place where veterans can hang out and visit with others who have “been there.”

Campus labs located in the Academic Success Center on the third floor of the T-Building are additional readily available resources that provide tutorial services in a wide range of course areas, such as composition, mathematics and computer sciences, to name a few. Unlike the Veterans’ Welcome Center that is exclusive to vets, the campus labs are available to all who wish to use their resources.

    Much of this information is available online. Computers, free to students, are available in the student library. Vets can familiarize themselves with various campus services unique to vets and to the general student body.

    Fellow classmates can be a resource as well. Many civilians respect and admire those who have served and who have willingly put their lives on the line for the freedoms and ideals for which America stands and are happy to help. Becoming a study partner with such students can be mutually beneficial.

    Transitioning to academia may be a bit challenging initially, but as veterans, when have you ever shied away from a challenge? You got this.