Minnesota Viking safety Jayron Kearse arrested on suspicion of DWI and firearms violation

Jeff Powell

Scott Selmer

Jeff Powell

Scott Selmer, Editor-in-Chief

By Scott Selmer

A Minnesota Viking player was pulled over on a Minneapolis highway early Sunday and arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and possession of a firearm without a permit, St. Paul Pioneer Press reported.

Jayron Kearse, 25, backup safety attracted the attention of a state trooper when he drove into a barricaded construction zone along Interstate 94E and Cedar Avenue around 4 a.m., according to authorities and the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Kearse showed signs of “alcohol impairment” and test indicated his blood alcohol content exceeded the 0.08 legal limit, according to a statement from authorities, Minneapolis Star Tribune reported. There was a loaded firearm in his vehicle.

Jeff Powell, Minneapolis college addiction and counseling student expressed some concerns about the arrest itself.

“He wasn’t even charged with it, right? It was suspected. I feel that I’ve been a victim of racial profiling myself. I was sort of in the same sort of situation. I don’t think it’s right. I don’t think that just because the way people look or the way they receive somebody should be justification of them charging them for anything or pulling him over for instance. I just think racial profiling is wrong. I think that probably a part of it was. If somebody else that wasn’t of color had done it, they probably would have helped him out, like hey hold-on let me get a tow truck. Let me get some pulling ropes for you, that type of thing; but, since it was a black man… And, they probably didn’t know he was a Minnesota Viking.” 

Caitlin Nelson

Caitlin Nelson, Minneapolis College student wanted to know whether the authorities had proof of Kearse was driving while intoxicated and had a firearm in his car without a permit.  She said, “I guess he deserved to be arrested if they had proof of those things.”

 Jesse Setterstrom, Minneapolis College IT student said he identified with the circumstances in which Kearse found himself.

Jesse Setterstrom

“It’s a tough situation. Carrying a gun is a felony. I know it carries prison time. I’ve been in recovery myself. People that have problems deserve to get help. People make poor choices. It happens. I think Minnesota is a pretty lenient state. I think he’s probably going to get a chance to avoid going to prison. Hopefully, he can make better choices and fix it.”

Kearse is in his fourth National Football League season, St. Paul Pioneer Press reported. The Vikings picked him in the seventh round of the 2016 draft. He has played in seven of eight Vikings’ games this season.

The Vikings played Thursday so are off this Sunday. The team is aware of Kearse’s arrest, Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.