Uncontested Nominee for Senate Seat Elected

MJ Johnson, Reporter

*Editor’s note: The story has been updated to reflect that Ben Wadsworth is no longer president of the Student Senate due to personal reasons.

The only nominee for the director of advocacy was elected into office in a unanimous vote  on Thursday, Nov. 14.

Steven Slowbear, the new director of advocacy, ran unopposed and is now responsible for auditing current and new campus policies put into place by the school administration, overseeing the duties of some committees, senators, and delegates, and coordinating student advocacy days (when some senate members travel to the Capitol to speak with Minnesota state representatives).

“Student Senate is the voice of all Minneapolis College students,” said Jenny Thomas, student senate advisor, “so they do have a lot of power… because if students need to bring a concern about something relating to the college, or, you know, any concern the student senate will listen to them and follow up with them too.”

*Former Student Senate President, Ben Wadsworth said the ideas the senate brings forward have an impact with the school administration. “We do have a really good relationship with the administration,” said Wadsworth, “they do listen to what we say and they have taken into account different things we bring to them.”

Minneapolis College on average has 11,000 students enrolled every semester. The student senate has currently 34 representatives and 7 board members.

Two senate positions were also up for election on Nov. 14 that were not on the board. The Senator of Health and Sustainability, Khalil Yasin, was elected unopposed, and Ahmed Hussein ran for the Senator of Diversity unopposed but wasn’t present for the election so the seat is still empty.

The student senate has been struggling to pique interest and get students involved. “We are such a diverse population of students and are in no way reflective of that at the moment, but we really want to be,” said Wadsworth.