COVID-19 Infects Students’ Grades at Minneapolis College


Anya Savvy, Graphic Artist

Minneapolis College has increased grading options for students

MJ Johnson, News and Opinions Editor

The novel coronavirus that has swept the world over the past months has affected all aspects of life for Minneapolis College students indefinitely. Spring break, extended for two weeks, ended on Monday, March 30, with classes resuming in online-only formats. Dr. Cindy Houser, an economics professor here at the college said she’ll “have to wait and see if students can succeed in this new environment.” She continued, “I am worried about the wellbeing of all my students. Luckily, the college already has a huge support network for students, and I hope you can remind students of that.” Dr. Houser especially has concerns about some of her students that might be less tech-savvy and those that don’t have the right equipment at home.

The school administration has emailed updates as life rapidly changed due to the virus.  Some students are finding the progression of events hard to follow. Oliver Ellis, an architecture student said, “I think the emails from the school have been super confusing, with the questionnaire and stuff like that.” He does, however, think “my teachers are doing a good job communicating with me. I have a good idea about what to expect in the coming months.”

In order to make up for the challenges students now face to finish the semester, the administration rolled out new forms of grading options for this semester, including: Pass/No Credit, Incomplete, Withdrawal deadline extension, and simply a COVID-19 notation on transcripts. These new grading methods have generous deadlines, many being available until after students see their final grade for a course. Find more information about the new deadlines for the grade changes at Changes have not yet been made on the eservices site where students will eventually need to go to take advantage of the new options, and some details, such as when changes will be available and how everything will affect financial aid, have yet to be announced.