Students React to Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Tom Schewe, Staff Writer

After 70 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II passed away at the age of 96 on September 8, 2022.

Jay Sirisavath (First year student/software development major): Time goes by fast. I was surprised and shocked. I actually first heard about it from another student. Must be pretty tough for the people in England right now.

In regard to the death of Queen Elizabeth II…

Maia (First year student/ general studies): I expected this, given her age. The British monarchy is a very weird concept to me, and I don’t totally understand why some people want to continue to hold onto it. My grandmother was sad; she met the Queen in Chicago. I’m intrigued about the future, and whether it becomes better or worse.

Mario explained, “[I] never really cared much about the Queen cuz I’m an American. Her position is largely ceremonial.” Mario also commented on less attractive, and in many ways, horrible events that took place during Queen Elizabeth’s reign, including the Mau Mau rebellion that took place in Kenya, and how the Royal Family shielded (protected) Prince Andrew from scrutiny and certain consequences.

Remi, a dual citizen of both the United Kingdom and the United states said he’s “not a big fan of the monarchy. I think it’s outdated and has too much cultural influence. It seems like Americans are more in the British monarchy than Brits.” Remi also explained that his  father served in the British army during the troubles in Northern Ireland and commented that the Queen initially banned gay staff members from bringing their partners to official events.

Related to Remi’s comments, Max, a first-year Political Science student, commented, “Personally, I’m apathetic about it, but I’m curious about what the future holds for the monarchy, and how other people will react. Most of the British population have only known Queen Elizabeth as their monarch. She was the last connection to the old British Empire. I think people should focus on Gorbachev just as much, if not more, since he also died recently, and both Gorbachev and the Queen oversaw the decline of two great empires.”