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How to get health insurance when you’re young(ish), poor, and single

MJ Johnson, Staff Writer

February 11, 2020

Background on MinnesotaCare and Medical Assistance The health programs Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare are government sponsored programs to give low-income individuals insurance, accessible through the marketplace MNsure. ...


January 30, 2020

City College News, the student newspaper of Minneapolis College, has an opening for the position of Editor-in-Chief. Students interested in applying should send a letter of interest and resume to Faculty Adviser Ben Lathrop at...

The name game

January 13, 2015

By Samuel Goldman/[email protected] Contributer When you break it down sports are a name game. I pity the announcers that are faced with the tall task of pronouncing the daunting last names of foreign athletes....

The Goldmine: Johnny NFL Sunday Ticket?

December 14, 2014

By Samuel Goldman Sports Blogger Nothing beats watching exciting football in the winter. I have noticed multiple advertisements promoting NFL Sunday Ticket during my recent viewing sessions. This enticing television package...

The Goldmine: Can Seattle save the Sonics?

December 14, 2014

By Samuel Goldman Sports Blogger The Seattle Supersonics were once the pride and joy of their city. In 2008 Clay Bennett's ownership group relocated the team to his native Oklahoma City. The Seattle Seahawks’ recent Super ...

Athletes should be able to play where they feel most comfortable

December 10, 2014

By Trevor Squire/[email protected] News Editor The Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL), the governing body and organizer of high school sports in Minnesota, became the 33rd state to approve a formal trans...

R.I.P. professional sports

December 10, 2014

By Samuel Goldman/[email protected] Sports Blogger Professional sports were once viewed as an affordable form of entertainment. Kids had the opportunity to witness local heroes perform in the same uniform every n...

The Goldmine: Confessions of a former Dallas Cowboys fan

December 1, 2014

By Samuel Goldman Sports Blogger A family member lost a bet when I was baby forcing me to become a Dallas Cowboys fan. I experienced consistent heartbreak over the next 20 years. My love-hate relationship with the team continued to torment me. Huffington Post Author ...

The Goldmine: The Three Worst Contracts in Baseball History

November 25, 2014

By Samuel Goldman Sports Blogger Baseball teams continue to reward players with large contracts. This strategy has produced negative results. Boston recently extended the bold trend. The following list features the three wors...

We’re looking for our next Editor-in-chief for Spring 2015

November 20, 2014

City College News is looking for our next Editor-in-chief for Spring 2015. If you are interested, email your resume and cover letter to [email protected] You can also visit our Contact page and send your files from there. The deadline to apply is Dec. 11....

The Lakers will level the NBA playing field if they acquire Kevin Love in free agency

November 19, 2014

By Samuel Goldman Sports Blogger Kevin Love highlight video The NBA NBA analysts have recently reported that Kevin Love is considering free agency. The superstar power forward has the ability to opt out of his contract this...

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