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Review: P.O.S.: We Don’t Even Live Here

November 9, 2012

We Don’t Even Live Here opens like one of P.O.S.’s previous albums. The beat of “Bumper” is a growl of guitars and drums, aggressive and repetitive. His lyrics tell us otherwise though, as he references his last album...

Hip-hop meets politics

November 9, 2012

The hands and arms of about 1,500 people moved in the air with the beats of various local hip-hop artists at First Avenue for the Get Out To Vote event, hosted by Congressman Keith Ellison. The show advocated voting no for...

Into the big white space: nerds of color and the need to tell their own stories

November 9, 2012

The distinction might take one by surprise, but the fact remains that there are nerds and there are nerds of color. After all, racism is not less evil even if it happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. For this...

Chicanos Latinos Unidos advocates justice for abuse survivors

October 28, 2012

Italia Méndez, an abuse survivor, visited MCTC to speak out about the sexual, physical and mental tortures and abuse she and 47 others endured in Atenco Mexico, on May 4, 2006. Chicanos Latinos Unidos (CLU) met Wednesday to...

A Word in Edgewise

October 28, 2012

Finding the right way to express yourself is not always easy. For anyone who chooses to express themselves through the written or spoken word and is looking for an outlet, a new club at MCTC may have the answer. This year, some...

MCTC students participate in ongoing construction

October 26, 2012

As staff and students roam the halls and periphery of the T-Building, they may notice it is undergoing a lot of transformation. Students may not be aware their peers are directly involved in this construction. This school year,...

MCTC campus becoming more tattoo-friendly? Photography by Hayley Hove.

Stories on skin

September 25, 2012

Exquisite Corpse- Tim Blighton

August 28, 2012

Not Another Torch Song   When I sit down to write poetry, I see you.   Every morning, I wake to a fog receding over a marsh. Over that marsh, a bridge, rickety as an old man on his way to market, ...

Tackling more than the books: USA national rugby team player and MCTC student

May 2, 2012

Katie Johnson is not unlike most students in this campus: she is taking classes while trying to balance a very demanding extracurricular schedule. The only difference is that her occupation is being a world-class athlete playing...

Dean Magraw performs in the Helland Center

May 2, 2012

Helland Center’s multi purpose room and stage was an open canvas for Dean Magraw’s music, stories and teachings. People walking by couldn’t help but pause and listen to the musician’s guitar concert at MCTC on Thursday,...

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