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City College News encourages open discussion between readers, and feedback on our content. In order to maintain a safe space for such discussion, we do have general guidelines for commenting which are enforced by the moderation team.

1. Hate speech against any race, religion, sex/gender, sexuality or nationality is prohibited. Hate speech is defined as an incitement to hatred against a specific group of people. Use of hate speech will result in a ban from City College News Online.

2. Comments with the specific intent to troll or bait are prohibited. Trolling is defined as comments or actions intended to cause maximum disruption, grief, argument, and unpleasantness. Repeated offenses may result in suspension or banning.

3. In general, we encourage members to use courtesy and practice good judgment. Please be respectful of City College News staff, contributers, and other readers.

KNOWN ISSUES: If you are using Ghostery to prevent web bugs, commenting and sharing may not appear for you. There is a conflict between Disqus, the comment/share protocol we use, and Ghostery. We are working on resolving this issue – your privacy is important to us. In the mean time, if you wish to see or use commenting and sharing, please whitelist the domain*

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CCN Online Info and Policy